Jet Essentials – Advanced Reporting for Group Collaboration

Real-time Reporting Solution All Within Excel

Jet Essentials is a real-time reporting solution for people who know Excel. It is perfect for advanced reporting and group collaboration.

Download a BrochureConnect to all your business systems from inside Excel

With Jet Essentials you don’t need to copy and paste business data into Excel so you can:

  • Gain complete visibility and access information from multiple business systems
  • Automatically pull the data in to create the reports you need
  • Eliminate errors and refresh data at the click of a button

Save time and enhance productivity

Jet Essentials gives your group the power to create, collaborate and share reports all within Excel:

  • Connect real time to your data
  • Schedule reports for automatic distribution and use proactive alerts
  • Drill down to see underlying data and never search for a document again

See why Jet Essentials is the Advanced Reporting Solution for Group Collaboration

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