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In 94 Countries

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Who Is Jet Reports?

Jet Reports is a collective of fun, passionate people dedicated to building and delivering the best reporting and analytics solutions available in the marketplace today. We devote our professional lives to providing unparalleled access to data through fast and flexible solutions that are cost effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users.

Founded in 2002, Jet Reports is headquartered in the very cool city of Portland, OR. Our long-time enthusiasm for all things data shows – in the last decade, we’ve expanded to offices in 14 regions, across 24 time zones, and currently have over 11,300 companies using Jet Reports in 94 countries.

Why Choose Jet Reports?

Because the CULTURE we live and breathe every day says it all…

Reason 1

We possess an undying commitment to world-class service

Reason 2

We will deliver unmatched value

Reason 3

We have a strong loyalty to our customers and each other

Reason 4

We are built on trust and honesty

Reason 5

We thrive with upbeat attitudes

Reason 6

We have immense respect for our relationships

Reason 7

We always engage by doing our best

Real Life Examples of Jet Reports Success

“By using the features in Jet Reports, templates which used to take two weeks to create now takes a few hours. The biggest advantage is Excel formatting, we can set up the report in a standard format. Then just click a button and away it goes.”
Systems & Reporting Manager, Darren Rifat
“With Jet Enterprise our executive team now spends less time briefing developers to design reports and more time making important business decisions.”
Finance Director, George Mbugua
“Before BI, it was ‘I think, I feel, I believe,’” said Ealy. “Now we have the data to show what is actually going on. We can quickly increase the buying when we spot a trend or slow down when we see a decrease.”
Systems Administrator, Mat Ealy

Jet Reports Is Led by a Team of Skilled and Experienced
Professionals Committed to Your Success.

Joe Little


With over 2 decades of experience, I know I should be bored by now but the level of opportunity & quality of results continues to astound me. The Dynamics market is a great place to be!

Michael Smythe

VP of Finance

Brian Petersen

VP of Product

With over a decade of Dynamics experience, Brian is passionate about working with people and organizations to help them better understand their data to make informed decisions.

Sam McCurdy

VP of Development

George Brown

VP Marketing

Tara Grant

Senior Director of Marketing

Over 12 years of experience in the Dynamics reporting and analytics industry, Tara is obsessed with seeing businesses come to life by data-driven actions. But, coffee first.

Anthony Bonaduce

Director of US Sales

With over 5 years of sales expertise, Tony has a proven track record of delivering solutions to clients that provide value. He lives by the U of O Ducks motto, "Win the day!"

Sarah Kloser

Director of Customer Success

Avoiding the High Spend Approach to Reporting and Analytics

Spending More on Reports may Result in Less Value

You’ve probably experienced the pain of Excel-mania, a chronic condition caused from excessive copying and pasting to get data and generate reports. Or maybe you’re stuck with an inflexible report you can’t edit. You need more insight – you just can’t dig it up.

No matter your reporting affliction, you’re probably taking one of the two approaches outlined in this white paper: High Spend or Low Spend.

Download this free white paper now to:

  • Learn the simple prescription for curing Excel-mania and fixing rigid report designs
  • Find the secret to gaining the quickest time-to-value for business analytics
  • See if your current approach is leading you down a steep path to reporting with unforeseen costs and complications