Joe L 1

Joe Little


With over 2 decades of experience, I know I should be bored by now but the level of opportunity & quality of results continues to astound me. The Dynamics market is a great place to be!

Brial P 1

Brian Petersen

VP of Product

With over a decade of Dynamics experience, Brian is passionate about working with people and organizations to help them better understand their data to make informed decisions.

Sam M 1

Sam McCurdy

VP of Development
George Brown

George Brown

VP Sales & Marketing

Innovative and driven, George has over 30 years experience working with global companies, propelling them forward through sales and marketing mastery.

Tara G 1

Tara Grant

Senior Director of Marketing

Over 12 years of experience in the Dynamics reporting and analytics industry, Tara is obsessed with seeing businesses come to life by data-driven actions. But, coffee first.

Anthony Bonaduce

Anthony Bonaduce

Director of US Sales

With over 5 years of sales expertise, Tony has a proven track record of delivering solutions to clients that provide value. He lives by the U of O Ducks motto, "Win the day!"

Sarah K 1

Sarah Kloser

Director of Customer Success
Leadership Tine Plambech Brown

Tine Plambech Brown

Channel Director | Jet Reports EMEA