Joe Little


With over 2 decades of experience, I know I should be bored by now but the level of opportunity & quality of results continues to astound me. The Dynamics market is a great place to be!

Michael Smythe

VP of Finance

Jon Oesch

VP of Sales

Speaks, writes, blogs and tweets about BI strategy – sometimes in his sleep.

Tara Grant

VP of Marketing

Over 12 years of experience in the Dynamics reporting and analytics industry, Tara is obsessed with seeing businesses come to life by data-driven actions. But, coffee first.

Emiley Oster

VP of Talent Acquisition & Development

Sam McCurdy

VP of Development

Brian Petersen

VP of Customer Engagement

With over a decade of Dynamics experience, Brian is passionate about working with people and organizations to help them better understand their data to make informed decisions.

Sarah Kloser

Director of Customer Success