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Top Power BI Blogs

Top 10 Power BI Blogs of 2017

Since its initial release in 2016, Power BI has quickly become the talk of the town in business intelligence and analytics circles, and rightly so!…
Top 10 Excel Blogs

Top 10 Excel Blogs of 2017

We here at Jet Reports have a lot of love for Excel (like a lot), and we’re pretty sure you do too! That’s why we…
Instant Reporting Success Header

How to Gain Instant Reporting Success

To help you make the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Reports investments, we're going to review some tools within Jet Professional and…
Holiday Blog Header Bah Humbug

Happy Holidays from Jet Reports!

Data, Dashboards, and Drinks! These are a few of our favorite things and we merged them together for a special holiday treat! If you are…

Choosing the Right Chart for Your Data

Data is the foundation of effective business.  Without data, you are unable to gain the insights necessary to perform required tasks. Moreover, being able to…
Excel Quick Tips

Excel Quick Tips: How to use ToolTip

Ever wish you could give your report viewers more instructions when they're interacting with the reports you've built? This week's Excel Quick Tips video will…
Excel Quick Tips

Excel Quick Tips: Auto+Hide

Format your reports like the pros with this week's Excel Quick Tips video. See how using the key words "Auto+Hide" can clean up your report automagically!  
Excel Quick Tips

Excel Quick Tips: Conditional Formatting

When writing our report, the number's that we're reporting on are the facts. But sometimes it's also nice to have a visual representation of what…
Top Jet Reports 2015

Top Jet Reports Videos and White Papers of 2015

  Most popular white papers of 2015 Comparing BI Solutions White Paper Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems include powerful BI and reporting capabilities and third-party solutions…