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The Amazon Effect

Throwback Thursday: The Amazon Effect

This week we're going back to 2014 when our VP of Marketing, Tara Grant, wrote an article about the Amazon Effect. So why are we…
Graduating To Bi

Graduating From Reporting to Business Intelligence

This week we’re covering a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: reporting versus business intelligence (BI).  The distinction seemingly creates some confusion…

The Ultimate Glossary of BI Terms

According to IDC, 16% of a worker's time is spent searching for information, in which nearly half the time, they still don't find what they…
Gp Data To The Cloud

What Happens to Your GP Data in the Cloud?

Reporting and Analytics that Take You Up Close By Kent Sorensen eMazzanti Technologies   Not Quite Utopia I graduated in accounting and management information systems.…
Excel Quick Tips

Excel Quick Tips: How to use ToolTip

Ever wish you could give your report viewers more instructions when they're interacting with the reports you've built? This week's Excel Quick Tips video will…