Your Data Should Never Be Hard to Access

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Compiling Your Data Is Difficult

Running reports from 5 different data sources, and not being able to do it on your own, is costing you valuable time and prohibiting necessary insight on your business. Dynamics GP for GL, another database for sales and purchase orders, legacy systems, Excel… Your data might live in multiple locations, and you might have a lot of it, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an easier, faster way to get it!

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Custom SQL Coded GP Reports Are Expensive

At some point, your organization will require new reports, changes to reports, “innocent” modifications and/or report variations. And there’s a reason technical specialists and consultants are happy to support your reporting needs – it’s lucrative for them. You want to get the data your way, when you need it, without it costing a fortune.

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There Are Too Many Reporting Solutions

FRx, Management Reporter, SQL, Excel… the list grows while your data quality and accessibility suffer. Users have too many places to go, it doesn’t all come together and it’s hard to train and keep up with each solution. Your most valuable assets are spending more time compiling information than using it — reducing efficiency and costing you more.

Compare Reporting and BI Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Understand what is included in the Microsoft BI stack for Dynamics GP, the skills required to use those tools, and the limitations. See a complete framework for evaluating third-party BI and reporting solution providers that fill the gaps and alleviate the challenges you may face getting your data out of GP the way you need, when you need it.

Reporting and BI Built for GP Works Immediately Out-of-the-Box and Cuts Costs by 50%

Dynamics GP reporting and analytics that’s fast, flexible and inside of Excel.

What is Our “True” Financial Position?

Jet Reports is built to give you fast and accurate financial information, easily. From financial overview dashboards to detailed financial statements – you will get any financial report you need, exactly the way you want to see it, directly inside of Excel.

Watch demo: Management Reports vs. Jet Reports on-demand now.

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How Do We Determine Where Revenue Comes From?

Who is buying? How much? Of what? When? And what if my sales data is in another system, or spread across two? At Jet Reports, we know that for businesses to drive forward, you need to know where the money comes from – and that might require bringing in information from multiple sources. CEOs and Executives need accurate sales insight, when and where they want, so the business can remain competitive.

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How Are We Performing Across All Our Companies?

Multi-company financial statements are dynamic and automated with Jet Reports. Seamlessly pull information from more than one company into any report, then filter on the ones you want to see when you run it to customize the view for users. Managing and running a separate report for each company or department? With Jet Reports, you don’t have to.

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Developed Specifically for Microsoft Dynamics
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Jet Reports isn’t just a reporting add-on that works with Dynamics ERP, it’s a reporting add-on that was MADE for Dynamics ERP – we work directly with Microsoft. Jet Reports is tested and repeatedly implemented with AX, NAV and GP to work right out of the box. We know what we’re doing because we know everything about your solution – inside and out!

Flawless Execution in No Time
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Jet Reports was designed to get you up and running in hours, not weeks or months. Pre-built reports, dashboards, cubes, automated data warehousing and an intuitive design means rapid time-to-value. And by using the familiar Excel user interface, we reduce the time it takes for your staff to maximize productivity. This isn’t your typical software project – it’s fast, easy and effective.

Access to World-class Service
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At Jet Reports, we love what we do. In fact, you could say we’re data geeks. We know that simply giving you tools isn’t the way to truly improve your business. That’s why we have full support and training resources, including an extensive knowledgebase and an active community forum, designed to get your team up to speed quickly.

Top 10 Best Practices to Dynamics GP Reporting

Fast, accurate and valuable reports are the goal in every reporting process, but sometimes ensuring your reports meet all the criteria is daunting. Let us help you deliver the best Microsoft Dynamics GP reports you can with this helpful guide to your best practice. 
Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to make reports more interactive
  • Secrets to increased report usability
  • How to tune reports for performance
  • How to tailor a report for your audience
  • The power of summarized data

Download the free guide to learn best practices from our reporting and analytics experts!

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