Administration Training

Learn How to Manage Jet Enterprise for Your Organization!

Designed to provide an overview of the Jet Enterprise infrastructure, key components, and processes, this
web-based training will provide the details needed to properly administer Jet Enterprise within an
organization including basic customizations, managing security, and end-user administration.

This class is best suited for experienced Jet Professional designers or members of the IT team who will
have access to the Jet Enterprise server-side tools and will be responsible for the day-to-day administration
of the solution.

This web-based class is 4 in total (split over two 2-hour sessions).

Agenda / Content:

Data Flow in Jet Enterprise:
Learn foundational concepts around the Jet Enterprise infrastructure, what databases are included and
the role of each one, and how data flows through the project.

Basic Customizations:
Learn how to create basic measures in the cubes and how to add new dimension levels based on user

OLAP Cube Security:
Learn how to properly set up security roles and how to assign users to these roles as well as best
practices for proper implementation.

Data Warehouse Security:
Learn how to set up data warehouse security to manage user access to the tables and fields.

Execution Packages:
Learn how to set up execution packages that will update the data in the data warehouse and cubes on an
automated basis, how to create notifications that are sent out to key users, and how to administer partial

End User Administration:
Learn how to connect Jet Professional to the data warehouse and cubes, how to utilize the Jet
Configuration Service for streamlined end-user management, and a review of security practices.

Backup Strategies:
Explores backup options, recommended databases to back up, and interactivity with execution packages.

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