Workshop (Portland) - September


September 18, 2017 - September 21, 2017


This course takes place in Portland, OR. This 4-day in-person course is designed to deliver a comprehensive, foundational understanding of BI concepts, an introduction to data modeling, and a detailed exploration of the Jet Data Manager tool. This course will include 3 days of classroom instruction, including exercises and real-world examples, and an additional day of hands-on work for customizations to the attendee’s own project with the instructor’s assistance.

What You Will Learn

    • An introduction to Business Intelligence
    • Data Flow in Jet Enterprise
    • Introduction to the Jet Data Manager
    • Data Sources and Staging
    • Data Warehousing and cubes
    • Advanced topics

Benefits of This Course
You will have the skills necessary to create a simple data warehouse and cube and measures. By day 4, you should have sufficient learning to work on your own project with guidance from the instructor.

Course Exercises
Throughout this course, exercises provide you with experience applying what you learned in the classroom.

Who Should Attend
Geared to technical staff who will be responsible for managing and maintaining the Jet Data Manager.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and data modelling
  • Introduction to the Jet Data Manager
    • Data flow – ETL Process
    • Data Sources / Staging / Data Warehouse / Data Cubes
    • Basic navigation and setup
    • Previewing data
    • Dealing with dirty tables
    • Manual Deploy & Execute
  • Setting up data sources
    • Setting up new tables and fields
    • Data selection rules
  • Staging
    • Dimensions tables
    • Fact tables
    • Lookups and the ordering of tables
    • Custom fields and data
    • Conditions
    • Custom transformations
    • Denormalizing data in header and line tables
    • Views (and L, M, V, R / Physical Valid tables
  • The Data Warehouse
    • Adding data from the staging database
    • Multi-table consolidation
    • Naming conventions (understanding why we do what we do)
    • Refining fact tables
  • The Data Cube
    • Review of what cubes are for and what they are
    • Dimensions
    • Overview of database and cube dimensions
    • Dimension attributes
    • Measures
    • Viewing cube data in Excel/Essentials

What’s Included

  • Supplementary materials to refer back to after the training
  • Answers to all the exercises completed during the training

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