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Resource Centers

Includes tutorial videos, product downloads, and helpful links to get you started:

Resource Center for Jet Professional:
Resource Center for Jet Enterprise:

Knowledgebase and Help

Find answers to your questions in a public knowledgebase at:

Technical Support

Support Site: Download the latest version of Jet Reports or receive technical support at the Jet Reports Support Site:

Email Jet Reports Support: for technical/troubleshooting based support questions:*

*You must be registered for the support site before you can submit questions via email.

Download Report Templates:

Organize your reports using the Report Player, which can be downloaded for free and comes stocked with pre-built report templates:

Reports for GP

Reports for NAV

Reports for AX

Community Site

Connect with other Jet users around the world through this public forum. Ask questions, get help, or just say hi! Anyone can register for the Community Forum at:


Contact for training that is available via various Jet resources based on your location.

For free tips, tricks and more, register for the Jet Reports Success Webinar Series!

License Changes

Email license change requests to: Our Orders Department can help you update Designer and viewer changes, email address changes, and database changes.

*Please provide the names, domain, login and email addresses for Designer and viewer updates. You can also contact your partner to make license changes on the portal for you.

Annual Enhancement

Visit for more information about our Annual Enhancement Program.

For questions, or to make a payment on your annual enhancement, please contact our Customer Retention Manager, Natalie Stanton, at +1 503-608-3676 or

For all other questions and inquiries email or call +1 503-608-3640.

Dynamics NAV, AX and GP Sales and Partner Support:Order, Renewal & License Assistance:
Global Partner Manager
Paul Hollcraft
+1 503-608-3640
Judith Harris-Kobin
Anne S. Fahlbusch
Cindy C. Martinez
+1 503-608-3641
Professional Services Coordinator
Kimarie Wolf
+ 503-608-3685
Customer Retention Manager
Natalie Stanton
+1 503-608-3676